Friday, July 17, 2009

First delivery of our house.

The truck with our first delivery is finally here! It was a tight fit but the boom truck pushed his way in. The question of the day. Where to put all this stuff.

Everyone in the neighborhood seems confused. "I thought your house was coming today." "It's there in the yard" I say, but still they can't wrap their heads around the idea of me building a house. Again they ask, "but what's all that shiny stuff for?" "It's the insulation" I say. "For what?", they ask. "For the house" I say again. "My gosh, you are actually building it with your hands!. I think we learned something about folks doing that in grade school."

Yes, that's our house, piles of wood, insulation and pieces of grey metal (for the roof)

Foudation Fun!

We have a floor! The girls were the first ones to walk, I mean run on it.

The Heating system

We are using radiant heat as our heating system. Josh and I had to lay it out before the foundation floor could be poured. It was surprisingly easy to do.


It took a day or two to set up the forms, but only 45 minutes to an hour to fill them with concrete. After a day the forms are striped of and the walls revealed. Then a layer of plastic, insulation, wire mesh, and the tubing for the heat was prepared, before they poured the slab. We also waterproofed the outside walls with a blue liquid rubber and two inch's of foam insulation, from the footings up to the top of the wall.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Carmen & Josh First Day Cottage

So we finally did it! After all of the struggle trying to get financing for this, and later dealing with the pesky Kingston Historical (or hysterical) Society, and then, the lengthy process of finding someone to excavate and the pour the foundation, we have finally stared. We will keep you posted as much as we can about our progress and have share in our adventures. Here are the first glimpses of what one day will be our house!

First we Excavate!

The girls really loved the machines and thought the big hole was really cool.

Pour the Footings

Footings are the structural part of the foundation. Ours were constructed of steel-reinforced concrete and the mold was made out of wood. The foundation was then constructed on top of the footings